Airlift admin

With the teaser launch, we achieved more than 2 million views in 24 hours.
We created a unique a first of its kind online activity known as the #AirliftBoardingPass for the build-up of Airlift’s trailer launch.
3.6 lakh fans ultimately participated in the biggest digital evacuation and got a boarding pass on their Facebook wall. This boarding pass then automatically converted to the trailer at the time of the release and they were the first to see the trailer on their wall on 2nd Jan.

We also created a #ProudtobeIndian video series where Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur sent out a call to action to all the fans, asking them to share stories of Indians they knew who went above and beyond to help their fellow man.
Through us, Airlift became the first movie to collaborate with ‘Being Indian’ to create a video. This video was based on the movie as well as on the theme of patriotism.