Manish Kumar (Digi Dreamer)

Manish Kumar (Co-Founder)

Manish Kumar
CEO & Co-founder, Digi Osmosis

Manish is a digital evangelist who started his entrepreneurial journey by founding Digi Osmosis which includes successful business such as Manish Kumar, a veteran in the entertainment, lifestyle and sports industry in the digital space has been heralding innovative digital marketing strategies backed with analytics.

Digi Osmosis is one of the leading digital agencies in India. With an aim to provide a complete digital solutions package, Digi Osmosis is a platform that enables brands to grow through digital innovations and create magic with their fans. Digi Osmosis and Shilpa Shetty established a successful joint venture to digitally promote The Art of Wellness.

Manish began his digital journey a decade ago as a brand custodian in Hungama Digital Media Entertainment (South Asia’s Largest digital entertainment company). He soon took on the role of Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Red Chillies Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. And Knight riders Sports Pvt. Ltd. Over these years, Manish has incorporated the knowledge of traditional learning with the influx of his own digital expertise and devised unique innovations, tie-ups and strategies that became important in driving project success.

Digital is not just the big four – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram but a huge unexplored world beyond. With his immense knowledge of the digital space, credibility and singular connections in the sports and entertainment world, founding Digi Osmosis became the next logical step.

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