India’s first sports-lifestyle website is finally here. Mentored by renowned journalist Ayaz Memon, Sportswallah aims to strike a balance between sports and lifestyle in Hindi and English.

At you will have a tailor-made palette of content across all sports to consume. From quirky exclusive interviews to reliving glorious sporting moments, coupled with live scores and real-time social media trends, Sportswallah is the ideal website for the consumption of a modern day sports or lifestyle enthusiast.

Apart from the innovative segments like social sporting trends, live scoring and much more; we aim to partner with lifestyle experts and create content around trends, looks, fashion and lifestyles of not just the athletes but also teams and even the games themselves.

Whether it is stats-based sports features or an inside story on the style statement of your favourite athlete, Sportswallah is a one-stop shop for everything sports and sports-lifestyle.

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