Airlift admin

With the teaser launch, we achieved more than 2 million views in 24 hours. We created a unique a first of its kind online activity known as the #AirliftBoardingPass for the build-up of Airlift’s trailer launch. 3.6 lakh fans ultimately participated in the biggest digital evacuation and got a boarding pass on their Facebook wall.…

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All is Well
All is Well admin

This film was promoted on all online platforms. Many hashtag trends were created on Twitter related to the movie to create visibility.

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Bhaag Johnny
Bhaag Johnny admin

We had strategic tie-up with social platforms to promote the trailer and songs of the movie.

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Hate Story 3
Hate Story 3 admin

The 360 degree digital marketing campaign for this movie was carried out across all social media platforms. Creative innovations and content with the star cast was released across all platforms. We created a series of snippets for contests, love tips and rapid Q&A with Zareen Khan for Hate Story 3. A tie up with #Fame…

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